Ideas for Gift Boxes

We all love to get gifts wrapped in pretty packaging. Receiving gifts in beautiful gift boxes is sometimes half the fun. Whether you’re running a business or just looking for creative gift boxes for your next special event, there are several types of gift boxes and packaging to choose from.

Creative Candy Boxes

There are several types of packaging and unique styles for presenting candy. One of the best types of boxes for displaying candy is view-top or window candy boxes. Mouth-watering pieces of candy can be displayed in plastic or cardboard and then easily viewed through the film on the top. This is a great way for retailers to promote their candy or individuals to see exactly what they’re getting.

A variety of colors, textures, and shapes can also be used when packaging candy. You can choose from bright colors that complement the colors of the candy. There are also several types of textures such as foil, matte, or velvet style boxes to choose from. Finally, choosing a shape that is different from the traditional square or rectangular type of box is always fun. A heart-shaped box is perfect for Valentine’s Day while one that is star shaped would work well when giving candy during the Christmas season.

Beautiful Boxes for Clothing and Jewelry

Everything from lingerie to dresses and suits should be packaged in attractive boxes. If the gift box itself is made from shiny or textured material it can stand alone without any wrapping. If it is a simple white box it will likely need to be gift wrapped. Gift boxes for clothing are usually the standard type that has a bottom and a removable lid. Some boxes are entirely connected with the lid folding back when opened.

When selecting gift boxes for jewelry or clothing it’s important to choose a box that is slightly bigger than the item that will be put inside. This is because for jewelry you’ll want to have room for cotton or some type of velvet material to place the jewelry on. Boxes for clothing items will require slightly less room for tissue paper.

Gift Boxes for Toys and Household Items

Children love bright, shiny packaging when receiving toys as gifts. Just as with candy, jewelry, and clothing, there are many types of textures, colors, and shapes that can be chosen for boxing toys or household items such as kitchen utensils or bath towels.

The thickness or sturdiness of the box should be taken into account when packaging toys or household items since these things are often heavier than candy or clothing. Make sure to pick a box that can be securely closed after the item has been placed inside. Since toys and household items need sturdier types of boxes, those made of material other than cardboard are great options. Boxes made of wood and various types of metal are not only decorative but great ways to store the items.

No matter what type of item needs to be boxed it’s important to take the time to select the best type of packaging. A gorgeous gift box is part of the overall effect and can make any item seem extra special.


Author: Ron Newton

Earned praised for my work getting my feet wet with cabbage in Pensacola, FL. Have some experience selling inflatable dolls in Salisbury, MD. Earned praised for my work licensing hobos in Washington, DC.

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